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Ecocopter pioneers helicopter participation in climate change programme
A Chilean initiative that was only for national commercial airlines now includes Ecocopter, making it the country's first helicopter company to commit to reducing its carbon footprint and combating climate change.

Ecocopter has signed up to the Vuelo Limpio (Clean Flight) programme, an initiative that seeks to design and implement a national sustainable aviation programme led by the Chilean Energy Sustainability Agency (AgenciaSE). The purpose is to improve the efficiency of freight and passenger transport in the civil aviation industry, promoting good practices in energy management by airlines and aeronautical companies.

At first, Vuelo Limpio had only the participation of commercial airlines such as JetSmart, LATAM and Sky, however it now also has the involvement of Airbus, Santiago's Arturo Merino Benitez airport operator Nuevo Pudahuel and Ecocopter, the first helicopter company in Chile that has committed to reducing its emissions.

“We are pleased to participate in this initiative as the first helicopter company in Chile and, in turn, we are also doing so with our operations in Peru and Ecuador," says corporate CEO Marcelo Rajchman. "With this, we commit to continue advancing and developing sustainable improvements in our energy management processes to operate in a greener and more sustainable manner. At Ecocopter, one of our pillars is to be a participant in caring for the planet, and we have set ourselves the great challenge of achieving the sustainability of our operations and moving forward in the coming years towards the use of clean energy, free of emissions."

Vuelo Limpio is an initiative managed collaboratively by the Chilean Civil Aeronautical Board (JAC) and the Energy Sustainability Agency, in charge of providing tools and promoting pilot development, through support in the development of action plans for the signatory aeronautical companies.

“Vuelo Limpio will collaborate with airlines to improve energy and environmental management, identifying opportunities to reduce fuel consumption, developing guides and tools. In this way, we hope to contribute so that the national civil aviation industry advances in meeting the goals of the energy route and international standards,” adds the deputy director of contents at the Energy Sustainability Agency.

The first stage of the programme establishes a baseline of fuel consumption associated with each flight and indicators such as litres of fuel per passenger-kilometre or greenhouse gas emissions generated. This will make it possible to understand national air activity in detail and promote effective and informed decision-making in terms of technologies and good practices for fuel saving and energy efficiency.

The programme will also seek to promote the use of cleaner technologies such as sustainable aviation fuels and green hydrogen (H2V), in addition to developing energy efficiency pilots in the airline industry.

The AgenciaSE and the JAC will deliver the Flight + Clean certification to those airlines that have reported their emissions information for a calendar year. In a second stage, recognition will be given to companies that put into practice the recommendations worked on together, aimed at consolidating energy efficiency management and mitigating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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