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Helitak receives additional approvals from FAA
Fighting wildfires requires accuracy and payload; Helitak's FT4500 fire suppression tank offers large water capacity with easy plug and play operation. The FAA has approved yet more Black Hawk helicopters to use it.
Operators of newly FAA-approved helicopters will be able to use the Helitak tank as part of their firefighting strategies.

Australia-based Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment has received further approval from the FAA to add more Black Hawk model type certificates (TC) to the FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Helitak FT4500 Black Hawk fire tank. This brings the current number of TCs to 18 and the total number of approved models to 24, including the UH-60A, EH-60AH60, HH-60A, S-70, S-70C, S-70A and the S-70M models.

The receipt of this recent approved model list (AML) amendment means operators of Black Hawk helicopters issued under these 18 type certificates are approved to install and operate the Helitak FT4500 fire suppression tank. Over the coming months, additional type certificates will be added.

As the only FAA certified underbelly fire suppression tank for the Black Hawk helicopter in the world, the proven performance of the Helitak FT4500 fire suppression tank has been further confirmed. As a consequence, sales into the American market and advanced discussions with both military and civilian operators in South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region are currently underway.

Helitak recently signed sales and service agreements with Arista Aviation and Seaview Aviation in the US, and these new partnerships will help further expand Helitak's international footprint.

Helitak previously secured its intellectual property with patent and design registration applications submitted in Australia, the USA and other selected countries and territories around the world to protect its next-generation tank design and tank mounting systems used in connection with the FT4500 Black Hawk fire suppression tank.

The inclusion of the newer Sikorsky S-70 models on the Helitak STC is a major progression in securing market acceptance, moving into the next few decades on these younger and somewhat more advanced Sikorsky models.

Helitak CEO and founder Jason Schellaars says: “These additions to the STC are very important as they increase the number of helicopters that are approved to operate the FT4500 fire suppression tank, and the operators of these models, who are so instrumental in fighting wildfires and bushfires, will be able to use our tank as part of their firefighting strategies. Of course, if there are any TCs that we have missed we are more than willing to discuss further inclusions on the FT4500 STC approved model list.

“Importantly, the FT4500 is light, easy to install, allows for large Type 1 water volume capacity and offers easy plug and play operations, allowing for a perfect and controllable drop pattern every time. And when fighting wildfires and bushfires, accuracy and being able to carry as much payload as the aircraft is approved to deliver are critical."

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