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Flight Schedule Pro acquires Coradine for LogTen app
With LogTen, Flight Schedule Pro will better service the growing need for pilots. The app helps trainees save time, fly safely and comply with FAA regulations through flight logging, flight-time analysis tools and tracking.

Flight Schedule Pro, a provider of cloud-based business management software, has acquired Coradine, the developer of advanced electronic pilot logbook platform LogTen.

“We're excited to welcome the Coradine team and product to our growing flight training technology platform,” says co-founder and CEO Jasen Barnes. “Together, we now support the largest global network of flight schools, professional pilots and students in flight training. We're in a unique and exciting position to service the growing need for pilots internationally.”

Established in Portland, Oregon in 2003, Coradine transformed pilot operations with the introduction of LogTen, which helps pilots save time, fly safely and comply with FAA regulations. With its rapid flight logging capabilities, detailed flight-time analysis tools and advanced currency, rest and limits tracking, LogTen pilot log helps over 80,000 pilots worldwide and currently records more than one million flights per month. In addition to serving pilots directly, Coradine has partnerships with several flight schools, airlines and other pilot organisations.

The Coradine LogTen product will continue to be available to pilots standalone and will also be seamlessly integrated into the Flight Schedule Pro platform, where a digital logbook is one of the most heavily requested products from pilots using Flight Schedule Pro.

"Coradine is thrilled to be joining Flight Schedule Pro,” says founder and CEO Noah Lieberman. “Our services are extremely complementary, and we believe this is a huge leap forward in achieving our mission of creating technology that accelerates the future of aviation.”

The acquisition comes at a time of accelerated growth and innovation for Flight Schedule Pro.

“We are investing more in our product and customer experience than ever before,” says co-founder and CTO Nick Wegner. “The addition of Coradine to our product suite allows us to provide even better support for pilots from when they enter flight school throughout the rest of their careers. We couldn't be more excited to increase our investments in supporting pilots and building products to help address the pilot shortage in our industry.”

The acquisition retains all of Coradine's team, with Lieberman becoming president and strategic advisor of Coradine.

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