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High pandemic charter demand puts Rennia in pole position
In 2015 Rennia Aviation opened its doors with two aircraft and a team of four; it now has 20 aircraft and 100 personnel. Being a smaller outfit helped it to navigate the turbulent pandemic years, it says.
The private carrier is capitalising on the growing call for private air travel across the globe.

Travel is back in full swing and Gainesville, Florida-based chartered flight company Rennia Aviation is continuing to capitalise on it. After two years of pandemic lockdowns, the demand for travel is higher than ever. But as airlines cut flights and suffer from debilitating staff shortages, large commercial airline travel has become less appealing by the day.

Picking up the slack during the pandemic was the private aviation industry. Once seen as a luxury of the super rich, chartered flights became far more ubiquitous as commercial airlines felt the pinch of pandemic limitations. And now that restrictions are ending, demand for chartered flights has never been higher.

“During the pandemic, we saw explosive growth in the industry,” says Rennia Aviation founder and owner Ed Rennia. “I think all of those that were forced to travel by chartered plane by necessity are now looking to continue using the service for its convenience and luxury.”

And it is not just Florida or the US; in 2022 private aviation has become an increasingly popular method of travel across the world, catching the attention of many news outlets like the Wall Street Journal. But with such rapid industry growth, the industry has also faced challenges to keep up.

“Even the long term industry veterans were surprised by the sudden increase in demand,” Rennia adds. “That led to waitlists and delays in an industry unaccustomed to sudden change.”

While some struggled, he notes that Rennia's fresh take on charter flights and high level of customer service allowed the newer player in the industry to thrive.

Rennia Aviation opened its doors in Gainesville in January 2015 with two aircraft and a team of four. Initially, the company projected to expand to 20 or more aircraft and 100 or more employees by 2025. But it beat that goal in the first quarter of this year.

The owners attribute the company's rapid growth to a high level of customer service, competitive pricing, strong relationships with brokers and clients and its unique approach to charter and aircraft management offerings.

“We partner our world-class service with an impeccable safety record to ensure each and every one of our clients are in the best hands when flying with Rennia Aviation,” he continues.

And being a smaller outfit has helped it to navigate the turbulent pandemic years in ways that large carriers could not.

“The main goal has never been to become a large, commercialised operation like some competitors. And now, despite the company's fast expansion, Rennia Aviation vows to keep family values and individually crafted partnerships with its aircraft owners and charter flight clients at the forefront.”

Currently, the company headquarters occupy 24,000 sq ft of hangar space and 6,000 sq ft of office space. It recently broke ground on another 12,000 sq ft hangar space and 2,000 sq ft office space at the Gainesville airport and is looking for future expansion locations in other parts of the country as well, giving Rennia Aviation the ability to enhance its nationwide, 24/7 service by having key individuals and services on the ground to meet and strengthen client relationships.

“With so many exciting new developments and partnerships coming to Rennia Aviation in the future, the company is rightfully establishing its name as an exclusive luxury 'boutique-style' private aviation operator, bringing a new and fresh approach to the private aviation industry,” Rennia says. “Rennia Aviation is unquestionably just getting started as a well-known household name among private aviation operators.”

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