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Sino Jet delivery is first carbon neutral business flight in China
The green and clean delivery flight of Sino Jet's Falcon 7X is the first carbon neutral flight in China's business aviation history. It will help benchmark the transformation of business jet companies in the region.

The recent delivery flight of a Dassault Falcon 7X to Sino Jet was carbon neutral thanks to the adoption of low carbon emission initiatives and China Certified Emission Reductions (CCER) offsets. This is the first carbon neutral flight in China's business aviation history. It will benchmark the low carbon transformation of business jet companies in the region and help the Chinese business aviation industry evolve and adopt practices in environmental protection.

The Falcon 7X business jet took off from Bordeaux, France and arrived in Shanghai via Dubai having flown a total flight distance of 14,114km. According to China-based carbon management consultant Carbonstop, after adopting low carbon emission reduction measures, the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions during this voyage totalled 59.01 tons of CO2e. Coupled with offsets through CCER credits, Sino Jet claims the flight was carbon neutral.

A spokesperson from the company says: "With the rapid development of human society, the problem of global warming is affecting people's survival and safety. Sino Jet has an obligation to lead the industry, to be innovative in sustainable development and to continuously promote the development of the industry in a way that is in harmony with nature.”

Headquartered in Beijing and Hong Kong, Sino Jet manages the largest business jet fleet in the Asia-Pacific region. In the past few years it has launched a number of energy conservation and emission reduction initiatives such as paperless offices and the use of electronic flight packages (EFBs). It has also developed an effective information management system that covers the entire life cycle of business jets.

Sino Jet has adopted Carbonstop's CREO carbon neutrality plan, that identifies four stages of managing carbon emissions in its daily operations and in every flight, as well as providing corresponding carbon neutral planning and solutions to secure green development of business aviation in China: calculating carbon emissions; seeking carbon reduction technology solutions; engaging stakeholders to act together; and offsetting unavoidable emissions. The results are standardised, as well as quantifiable and traceable.

Sino Jet will soon launch wider carbon neutral flight services.

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