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Textron to acquire electric aircraft developer Pipistrel
As part of Textron's new eAviation division, Pipistrel will enjoy access to deep expertise and resources that would otherwise be beyond reach. Now it is looking ahead to exciting new products and projects.
Pipistrel's Velis Electro aircraft.

Textron has entered into an agreement to purchase Slovenia and Italy-based electric-powered aircraft developer Pipistrel.

With Textron, Pipistrel will have access to greater resources, technical and regulatory expertise and a global aircraft sales and support network, enabling it to accelerate its development and certification of electric and hybrid electric aircraft. Upon close of the transaction, Textron plans to form a new business segment, Textron eAviation, which will include Pipistrel and focused on the development of sustainable aircraft, .

“Pipistrel puts Textron in a uniquely strong position to develop technologies for the sustainable aviation market and develop a variety of new aircraft to meet a wide range of customer missions,” says chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly. “Today's announcement supports Textron's long term strategy to offer a family of sustainable aircraft for urban air mobility, general aviation, cargo and special mission roles.

“Pipistrel has been celebrated as one of the world's most important and successful manufacturers of electric aircraft,” continues Donnelly. “Textron is committed to maintaining Pipistrel's brand, headquarters, research and development and manufacturing in Slovenia and Italy, while making additional investments in Pipistrel for the development and production of future products.”

Pipistrel founder and CEO Ivo Boscarol will remain a minority shareholder as well as chairman emeritus, consulting on future product plans and strategies for a two year period.

“Under my 30 year leadership, Pipistrel's team has achieved a unique prime position in personal, affordable, environmentally friendly and electric aviation. The trend and foundation for future projects has clearly been set,” says Boscarol. “To drive Pipistrel's ambitious goals and to continue its story of success, the joining of Textron and Pipistrel provides deep expertise and resources that would otherwise be inaccessible to Pipistrel alone. With Textron, we are together geared to strive for future growth and look forward to announcing exciting new products and projects. I am delighted to continue witnessing my vision become a reality by being actively engaged with the company for the future.”

The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of 2022.

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