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Spirit to provide FMS 6.1 Citation X upgrade
Spirit Aeronautics has teamed with Honeywell to provide version 6.1 software upgrades for the flight management systems in all Cessna Citation X aircraft.
Honeywell's FMS 6.1 software upgrade.

Columbus, Ohio-based avionics solutions provider Spirit Aeronautics has teamed up with Honeywell Aerospace to provide 6.1 software upgrades for the flight management systems in all Cessna Citation X aircraft. This is the first partnership that enables the 6.1 software upgrade to be performed outside of the aircraft's OEM service centre network.

Spirit Aeronautics will provide all needed engineering, technical services and FAA certifications to support flight departments, MROs and operators for 6.1 at a significantly discounted price as a kit or a completed project by its technical team.

Honeywell is to sunset support of its FMS pre-6.1 software versions as of 2021.

This upgrade allows operators to maintain navigation database updates for their FMS system. It also holds the path for LPV, FANS 1/A and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) as the operator chooses to select each when needed based on the aircraft's mission.

"This partnership allows us to support Citation X operators with a much-needed update of the existing FMZ 2000 flight management system at a price that makes sense," says Spirit Aeronautics president Rick Ochs. "Our cost-effective upgrade lets operators continue to operate a great aircraft and allows them to decide when to choose additional upgrades for the FMZ 2000 systems based on their needs. It allows them to maintain the current navigation database capabilities for the aircraft with reduced costs and to eliminate critical obsolescence issues."

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