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Leviate recognised as IADA-accredited dealer
As an accredited member of IADA, Leviate has proved it adheres to the Association's rigorous standards of ethics and safety.
A Gulfstream G200 listed by Leviate Air Group.

Dallas, Texas-based air charter, aircraft sales and Part 135 management company Leviate Air Group has been accepted as an accredited aircraft dealer by the IADA.

“We are very pleased to become an accredited member of IADA,” says Leviate founder and president Randall Mize. “Many thanks to our industry peers and our customers who recognise this team's proven track record and impeccable reputation while adhering to the rigorous standards of ethics and focus on safety.”

IADA executive director Wayne Starling adds: “The IADA board is delighted to welcome Leviate Air Group to our organisation consisting of the very best aircraft dealers in the world. [CEO and founder] Luis Barros and his team of pros have demonstrated time and again their expertise and passion for leading business aircraft transactions that meet or exceed the highest ethical standards and professionalism that IADA exemplifies.”

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