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Avcon Caravan sensor platform gains FAA STC approval
Avcon has completed custom aircraft mods for more than 300 projects. The latest is the Caravan Sensor STC solution, that allows installation of dual sensor holes in the aft fuselage and optional missionisation power.

Butler National Corporation subsidiary Avcon Industries, a provider of ISR and special mission solutions for aircraft, has received FAA approval of its special mission modifications for the model 208 and 208B Caravan. FAA supplemental type certificate number SA01975WI approves Avcon fuselage sensor ports with or without the Avcon mission power system for the Textron Aviation (Cessna) model 208/208B.

The Avcon Caravan sensor STC solution offers a cost-effective installation of dual sensor holes (ports) in the aft fuselage of the aircraft and the optional provisions for custom missionisation power for the Caravan.

Avcon president Marcus Abendroth says: "This is a tremendous breakthrough project for entering a new aircraft market. The objective of the Avcon Caravan sensor platform is to incorporate unique features and functionality gained from Avcon's extensive modification experience. This provides the marketplace with a cost-effective sensor port modification for a recognised single engine platform."

He continues: "The modification was designed to easily be produced as a kit for qualified installers and to minimise downtime. There are over 2,500 of these aircraft built, and we are confident that this modification will satisfy a need in a significant market and accommodate larger new technology sensors. We look forward to continuing to grow our product offerings."

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