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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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IADA extends involvement to Asia
IADA has joined AsBAA, the Hong Kong-based business aviation association that serves as a platform for cross-industry action and representation in Asia.

The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) has joined the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA), based in Hong Kong. The membership in AsBAA expands IADA's organisational visibility to Greater China and south east Asia, as the international dealer organisation completes its 30th year in existence.

AsBAA is the non-profit association representing business and general aviation entities based in Asia and around the world. Its members include major operators, aircraft manufacturers, aviation service providers, finance and insurance providers.

“AsBAA provides a platform for communication and action relating to key issues including airports, safety, professional development and the industry's contribution to the Asian economy,” says IADA executive director Wayne Starling. “The IADA board is now deeply involved in the global industry's affairs through the organisation's membership in aviation business organisations in Asia, the United States, Canada and Europe.”

AsBAA's mission is to represent the needs of its members and the wider industry through its three core pillars: advocacy, representation and community. It actively advocates the benefits of business aviation to key stakeholders such as government, transport ministries and the media. AsBAA represents the interests of all sectors of the business aviation industry across the region and creates a community in which members can network, access B2B opportunities and tackle common issues with greater collective influence.

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