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Star Jets completes 2019 and 2020 audit
Star Jets is excited about current and future charter volumes as travellers continue to look for private jet travel after the COVID-19 pandemic. The company's 2019 and 2020 financial audits are now ready.

Star Jets International has completed its financial audit for 2019 and 2020. The company claims it is not showing any signs of slowing down. Rather, as predicted, it continues a big growth trend from those seeking private jet travel.

The company started its review of the third quarter of 2021 and is filing a Form S-1 so it can up-list to Nasdaq in January or February.

CEO Ricky Sitomer says: “We are very excited to have completed this long-awaited audit for 2019 and 2020, and we are looking forward to the next chapter in our company, with our up-list to Nasdaq. The anticipated money raised will allow us to make acquisitions and have funds for increased marketing. The company expects to grow exponentially with the completion of the up-list. It has achieved approximately $9,000,000 in revenue for the first three quarters of 2021, and we expect to continue our trajectory and look forward to accomplishing our goals.”

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