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ES-19 design partner appointed by Heart Aerospace
Heart Aerospace has appointed Aernnova as design partner for its ES-19 regional electric aircraft. Engineers from the Spanish company will help design and develop the wing, fuselage and empennage.
Heart Aerospace anticipates entry into service by 2026 for ES-19, its 19 passenger regional aircraft.

Swedish electric aircraft developer Heart Aerospace has selected Spanish aerostructures company Aernnova to co-design the structure for its ES-19 regional electric aircraft.

The ES-19 is scheduled to enter into service by 2026. The first-generation aircraft will have a maximum range of up to 400 km using lithium-ion batteries. It will have zero operational emissions and offer significantly lower operating costs compared to similar sized gas-turbine aircraft, and will also be quieter than its turboprop counterparts, with less vibration and noise, making it ideal for the development of short-range regional air travel.

“Aernnova has an impressive track record and an outstanding reputation in the industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with it for the ES-19 airframe design. It brings world-leading experience in the design, manufacture and certification of airframes to our project, and we look forward to working with it in designing the plane that will reinvent regional air travel,” says Heart founder and CEO Anders Forslund.

Aernnova is an aerospace company specialising in the design, manufacturing and support of aircraft structures and components. The company’s engineers will work together with Heart on the design of the wing, the fuselage and the empennage. The design of the ES-19 is based on an aluminium airframe with retractable landing gear, a high wing, a T-shaped empennage and a non-cylindrical fuselage to optimise the cabin interior.

"We are proud to be part of this unique and exciting project with Heart Aerospace where we expect to bring our significant experience and expertise of over 28 years in developing, manufacturing, certifying and supporting new aircraft structures," adds Aernnova CEO Ricardo Chocarro. "The development of this all-new electric aircraft is a step change in aviation, and we are delighted to contribute.”

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