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Heli-Union extends management deal with Pratt & Whitney
Over the years, Heli-Union has come to appreciate the value that Pratt & Whitney's fleet management programme provides, and views it as a strategic financial and operating tool for successful operations.
The AW139s are now covered until 2029.

Heli-Union, a French rotary operator, has signed a five-year extension to its Fleet Management Program (FMP) for the twelve PT6C-67C engines powering its fleet of Leonardo AW139 helicopters.

Heli-Union is based in France and operates in a number of locations around the world, including serving the offshore oil and gas industry in Africa and southeast Asia with its AW139 fleet. It signed the original FMP for its PT6C-67C engines in 2014 and the extension now provides coverage until 2029.

“We appreciate the flexibility that is built into the FMP as the size of our fleet can vary to meet the changing demand for our services,” says Patrick Molis, CEO and chairman of Heli-Union. “Over the years we have come to appreciate the value that the FMP provides, and we view it as a strategic financial and operating tool.”

“We see Heli-Union's decision to extend its FMP as an endorsement of the value we provide through the pay-per-hour engine maintenance programme,” adds Nicolas Chabée, VP of marketing, helicopters, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “Given the nature of its business, Heli-Union places great emphasis on the dispatch availability and overall reliability of its AW139 fleet. The best way for us to maximise engine performance for a customer like Heli-Union is through our Fleet Management Program.”

Pratt & Whitney Canada's FMP is a flexible, high-value maintenance planning solution that helps lock in lower operating costs and simplifies fleet operations management. The programme is tailored to each customer's individual needs and mission profile.

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