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Arab Wings pulls out all the stops to continue flying
The outbreak of COVID hit the world of aviation hard, especially early on when governments closed borders and requested or forced people to stay home. Arab Wings was quick to react and has reaped the rewards.
Pilot in command Richard Craddock and captain Nasir Hinnawi.
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Jordanian operator Arab Wings has seen an increase in the number of people looking to travel privately, with some customers considering splitting the cost of a charter between them. The operator is also seeing demand from business class airline travellers looking for empty legs. “There is definitely an increase in demand and it is higher than expected,” comments sales manager Dima Elayyan. “Between Arab Wings, Gulf Wings and Iraq Gate we have a fleet of managed and owned 20 jets, and the most popular for short trips is the Hawker 800XP and the Legacy 600 series, CRJ and Challenger 600 series for larger groups with more luggage.”

In the private aviation sector, the company regularly receives unusual requests, and it tends to operate unconventional missions not served by the airlines. Elayyan goes on: “In the early days of the COVID crisis we continued to support all types of clients and continued to operate all different types of missions, including medevac, the urgent transport of government officials, freight transport and staff repatriation missions. While doing that we maintained the uppermost levels of attentiveness to meet the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing practices to protect our people, without putting anyone at risk.

“The global outbreak of COVID has hit the world of aviation hard, especially in the early days when governments closed borders and requested or forced people to stay home. These changes brought so many financial and safety concerns.

We implemented different strategies to control the outbreaks, such as screening, social distancing and enhanced PPE-related cabin safety procedures. We have also delivered additional crew training. We continuously monitor and act upon the latest health and safety advice issued by the WHO and ICAA and, due to the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety advice continues to evolve. We always remind our passengers to keep themselves up to date with the latest government health and safety advice.”

The company intends to continue expanding its fleet, as it looks to reintroduce private air travel to a wider category of clients, particularly those who are now less comfortable using commercial air travel due to safety concerns.

“The industry will continue to see an uptick in the months to come,” Elayyan predicts. “We anticipate an increase in demand, aircraft owners will be looking at upgrading their aircraft and those who do not own private planes will plan on purchasing.”

The company is set to soon welcome a Challenger 604 and a Falcon 7X to its fleet.

Arab Wings, based in Jordan, is the sister company to Gulf Wings in the UAE. Both are owned by International Wings Group, and Iraq Gate is managed by Arab Wings.