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Select service from Viasat matches connectivity to needs
Viasat Select will introduce custom connectivity solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of an aircraft's operational requirements. It allows operators to take advantage of its capacity and coverage to suit demands.

Viasat has introduced a direct service model for business aviation Ka-band in flight connectivity, called Viasat Select. The service offers custom connectivity solutions and connectivity plans that are tailored to match a business aircraft's operational profile. The service plans include global and regional unlimited plans that feature uncapped data paired with its popular "No Speed Limit" Ka-band IFC. Viasat Select offers entry level service plans, including a sub $3,000 regional plan that delivers Ka-band connectivity.

The Viasat Select plans allow operators to take advantage of its cross regional capacity and coverage to suit current and anticipated connectivity demands and forward compatible IFC system will accommodate increasing speed and data requirements.

“We're launching Viasat Select at a time when there is incredible demand for in-flight connectivity and just before we bring an immense amount of additional Ka-band capacity to market with our next generation satellite constellation,” says Claudio D'Amico, Viasat business area director, business aviation. “Operators overwhelmingly told us that selecting products in the market with data and speed caps was a key challenge for in flight connectivity. With Viasat Select, we can eliminate those constraints by leveraging our capacity while offering unmatched economics since we manage the service from end to end.

“With Viasat Select, operators with different connectivity requirements and aircraft operational profiles can chose a plan that will best match their needs. Every plan will offer the same performance and deliver our leading customer experience, care and support. With ViaSat-3 coverage and capacity augmentation scheduled for next year, we will further enhance our customers' overall experience.”

With the Viasat Select Ka-band service plans, business jet operators can benefit from similar connectivity in-flight as they do on the ground, typically with speeds greater than 20 Mbps. It says some operators with Viasat Ka-band IFC have reported speeds greater than 80 Mbps.

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