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Gogo introduces SmartShield membership programme
SmartShield provides three benefits which are control, protection and savings. With control including fixed service pricing, protection includes a full warranty and savings include a 50% discount on field engineers.

Gogo Business Aviation has introduced SmartShield, a premium membership programme that lets current customers with an Avance or a classic ATG system take advantage of exclusive protections and benefits for their Gogo inflight connectivity system.

"The value of SmartShield is significant and demonstrates our commitment to customers," says David Glenn, SVP, customer operations. "Our customers told us they wanted to protect their inflight connectivity investment and with SmartShield they receive warranty protection for their equipment for as long as they are in the programme. They also wanted protection against overage costs and have the ability to rollover unused megabytes of data to the following month."

For $5,000 per year plus a three-year service commitment, SmartShield provides three distinct and comprehensive benefits which are control, protection and savings, the company says.

Control includes fixed service pricing, monthly rollover of unused megabytes of data and annual overage forgiveness. With protection including full perpetual warranty and expedited shipping, whilst savings include a 50% discount on services from field service engineers, free annual online training and Gogo Vision 360 discount.

For Gogo customers who are not currently using an Avance system, SmartShield is the most cost effective upgrade path to Avance with a $10,000 installation rebate and a $15,000 service credit toward a Gogo Biz 4G data plan. The $15,000 credit can be combined with existing promotions.

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