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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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MySky says digitisation is the key to efficiency
Charter departments and operators have a real pain point when it comes to quoting. Whereas generating figures manually can take hours, MySky's slick system can reduce the process to a matter of seconds.
Kirill Kim helps bookers perform swift calculations.

Kirill Kim, CEO and co-founder of expense management platform MySky, says his team greatly simplifies the charter quoting process. “I founded the company six years ago with Christopher Marich. We started as an offline audit company and digital consultancy, which grew into an expense management platform for operators. We were able to benchmark costs, including for handling and fuelling. Now we not only provide analyses of the past, we also focus on the future. We have recently launched a predictive spend module, MySky Quote, which can simulate future flights precisely. By taking all operational, regional and timing parameters into consideration, our system generates an accurate quote based on real market data, which is a revolution for our industry.”

MySky's main customers are charter departments and operators that have a mandate to sell flights for charter. They have a pain point in terms of quoting. “We are in a low margin business with high volatility of cost. Everybody is experiencing a lot of issues when it comes to knowing what everything will cost. With MySky Quote, we can perform the trip virtually.”
Predictive spend module MySky Quote is able to produce accurate predictions. “You put in the flight you are planning and the departure time, and the technology tells you how long the flight is going to be, what your fees are, such as fuel burn, crew hotel charges, Uber transportation, handling fees and airport fees; it covers everything. This new product allows any user to perform a very accurate calculation based on where and what you are flying. There are 22,000 airports around the world with 22,000 different price lists and cost structures. It is therefore impossible to know what you will be spending, so that’s why we have launched this product.
“We have found our niche in the market, and we hope to ease the pressure in back offices. Much of the charter department can be automated. It takes around five seconds per leg for us to calculate a quote. This can take up to three hours when done manually, and is likely to be less accurate. Our data is independently collected by my team and is expanding as we digitise our processes.”

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