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Italy's Tecnam makes its mark on EAA Oshkosh
Tecnam pulled out all the stops at the recent EAA show, offering new customers the true Italian experience. It also sat down with Rolls-Royce and NASA to discuss future green projects such as its electric P-Volt.
It was all hands on flight deck at Oshkosh for Tecnam.

Tecnam demonstrated its potential at the recently-concluded Oshkosh event. “The US market has always been an interesting market for us,” says MD Giovanni Pascale Langer. “Originally, we focused on Europe, becoming one of the leading companies in the industry. Today, more than ever, we are ready to bring the Tecnam world to the US.”

Tecnam has brought a brand-new team onboard dedicated to the US market. Starting with David Copeland, the new director of sales, with extremely broad experience in the sector; keeping the focus on Oshkosh, this was the 47th time he took part in the show. Copeland is growing the US sales team day by day to ensure a proper presence all over the country. He has been supported both by the Tecnam global marketing team as well as by some acknowledged local marketing agencies such as Hirschfeld Marketing.

Among the innovative solutions that contributed to deliver a memorable experience at the Tecnam booth were:

First, placing the US flag in the ground in its 12,000 sq ft exhibit space that was complimented by a full up executive office suite featuring 10 UHD screens, live radio broadcasting, a branded entertainment area and much, much more. Every detail was planned in order to create a unique customer experience.

Another pillar of the US strategy is Ben Coleman, the new COO, with huge experience in the aviation industry, including NTSB and FAA. Ben will take care of all operations in Tecnam's US headquarters in Sebring, Florida and the rest of the United States.

The Italian company arrived at the airshow with staff from Italy including engineers, an experimental test pilot and the leadership team, in order to meet with customers, prospects and the visitors to the exhibit.

Tecnam is much more than aircraft. Tecnam represents legacy, style and passion, and all of these have been clearly affected by their Italian origin.

Tecnam announced the ‘Italian Experience’. This promotion treats the visitors who purchase a Tecnam aircraft during the show with an exclusive “dolce vita” experience, a trip to Italy including an all-expenses-paid visit to Naples and a tour of the manufacturer's facilities in Capua as well as the Tecnam museum.

“We hope this campaign will incentivise Americans not only to buy more Tecnam, but especially to come to Italy and understand at 360 degrees what it means to join the Tecnam family, and to visit the Tecnam headquarters and by getting a taste of the local culture,” says Matteo Rinaldi, Tecnam marketing branding director.

Tecnam also presented its Rolls-Royce and NASA projects during the EAA: a highly anticipated press conference with Rolls-Royce and NASA representatives where the companies explored the future of general aviation focusing on green technology. Having collaborated with Rolls-Royce on the all-electric model P-Volt and with NASA on the upcoming P2006T-based X-57 model with the electric propulsion system, the company's R&D director Fabio Russo outlined Tecnam's approach to innovation: “Our approach to innovation at Tecnam is to build on the existing platforms,” says Russo. “We understand the urgent need for clean solutions in the aviation industry, so our goal is to develop technology that is available now in order to make the difference.”

Chief sales officer Walter Da Costa concludes: “Several sales were finalised during the event, and as I am speaking, part of our sales team is organising demo flights at our Tecnam facility in Sebring, Florida, with people that were fascinated by the beauty and quality of the aircraft displayed, as well as the unbeatable performances.”

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