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Bye continues to develop eFlyer 4 design
Bye recently unveiled the eight-seat eFlyer 800, announcing purchase deposit agreements with Jet It, JetClub and Rheinland Air Service. It has around 800 aircraft in its production backlog over the three eFlyer models.
The eFlyer 4 will be followed by an eight-seater eFlyer 800.

Bye Aerospace has announced advances in aerodynamic analysis performance characteristics for its four-seat all-electric aircraft in development, the eFlyer 4.

George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, says the eFlyer 4 programme has continued to push the envelope for single motor electric aircraft: “The projected aerodynamic performance for this 200-knot airplane continues to mature and improve. This is due to its sleek fuselage profile and advanced wing design. The eFlyer 4's unprecedented 48 inch-wide cabin is quiet and without compromise and will carry an 860 lb. payload.”

Powered by a 200 kW (268) HP) all-electric propulsion system, the eFlyer 4 is targeted for the air-taxi and advanced training markets. Bye Aerospace recently unveiled the game-changing eight-seat eFlyer 800, announcing purchase deposit agreements with Jet It, JetClub and Rheinland Air Service GmbH (RAS). The company currently has approximately 800 aircraft in its production backlog over its three models of eFlyer aircraft.

The eFlyer family of aircraft aims to be the first FAA-certified, practical, all-electric aircraft to serve the flight training and general aviation markets. All the company's current and future families of aircraft feature engineering, research and electric aircraft solutions are designed to specifically address compelling market needs. Benefits include five-fold lower operating costs, no CO2 emissions and decreased noise. Bye Aerospace estimates the eFlyer will eventually eliminate the release of millions of metric tons of CO2 each year as its deliveries begin and the general aviation fleet is replaced.

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