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Air Alliance opens Tecnam dealership account with P2012
The P2012 provides a cost effective solution with varied configuration options. It offers combi, air ambulance and parachute jumping variants, plus dedicated special mission and full cargo versions, and can seat up to nine.
A P2012 Traveller is now on show with Air Alliance at Siegerland airport.
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A P2012 Traveller in airline configuration flew from Capua, Italy to Siegerland, Germany on 14 April as a demonstrator aircraft dedicated to Air Alliance customers in the German and Austrian markets. Air Alliance was appointed as a P2012 dealer for Austria and Germany in March 2021 and is also an authorised dealer for Gulfstream and Pilatus. The P2012 is the first turbocharged twin piston aircraft in Air Alliance's portfolio and it will join its offer of jets and turboprops by other established brands on the market. With the Tecnam P2012 Air Alliance will benefit from its unique characteristics, enlarging and enriching its offer to potential customers in the region.

Accommodating nine passengers with one or two crew members, the Traveller is a new-generation, piston-powered, twin-engine, high-wing, fixed landing gear aircraft. The P2012 provides a cost effective solution with varied configuration options, while offering a travel experience that exceeds the category standard with features like air-conditioning, in-seat power, wide leg room, a separated in-fuselage cargo hold and under seat storage space.

Cutting edge avionics by Garmin offer pilots all the information they require for day and night operations in VFR, IFR and PBN; the Space cockpit, based on the proven G1000 NXi, has been specifically designed to reduce pilot workload for a safer and smarter mission accomplishment. For all these features the aircraft can be operated by a single pilot and in all-weather conditions including flight into known icing.

The P2012 series offers also combi, air ambulance and parachute jumping variants, plus dedicated special mission and full cargo versions.

Air Alliance, with its great experience in this market, is a natural fit to provide German and Austrian customers with the support they need,”says Tecnam chief sales officer Walter Da Costa. “This partnership is also the first step in building a special focused worldwide sales network to provide P2012's potential customers and operators the highest level of service, as Air Alliance is ensuring in Germany and Austria.”

Air Alliance CEO René Petersen adds: “A well-equipped brand new P2012 Traveller is now in our showroom at Siegerland airport and available there for demo flights at any time. I could not miss the opportunity to personally fly our P2012 Traveller from the factory in Capua to the Air Alliance headquarters in Germany. Once again, everything confirmed that it was the right choice for Air Alliance to start the sales partnership with Tecnam.”

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Torres Strait Air becomes Australia launch customer for P2012
April 7, 2024
TSA will take delivery of two P2012s in May and June 2024, and has options for three STOL versions of the Traveller in a deal worth more than $14.5 million.
Tecnam P2012 STOL achieves EASA certification
March 28, 2024
The 18 months certification campaign ensured impressive take off and landing performance while maintaining a 99 per cent commonality of parts with the standard P2012 Traveller so as to enhance supportability.
Apex Aviation P2012 completes first year of medevac
March 14, 2024
Apex Aviation believes the P2012's spacious cabin and low operating costs set it apart, while advanced avionics provide the pilot with situational awareness not found in other last-gen competitors.