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VIP client entrusts Greenpoint with BBJ MAX 8
Greenpoint Technologies delivered the world's first BBJ3 (737-900 variant), 787-8 and 747-8 V-VIP aircraft, and it has now been given the go-ahead to work on a BBJ MAX 8 for a highly esteemed customer.
The interior of the BBJ MAX 8 makes a big impact.

Completions centre Greenpoint Technologies has accepted delivery of a BBJ MAX 8 from Boeing on behalf of an undisclosed VIP client.

Greenpoint's client sought assistance with the delivery due to the challenges impacting international travel as a result of the current global health crisis. After the Boeing delivery, Greenpoint will assist with repositioning the aircraft for auxiliary fuel tank installation, then induct the aircraft into Greenpoint's installation facility in Moses Lake, Washington.

“We are honoured by the trust clients place in us with their aircraft,” says Greenpoint senior sales director Chad Thorne. “Taking delivery of the BBJ MAX on behalf of our client signifies the confidence placed in Greenpoint's unparalleled capabilities. We create beautiful aircraft interiors and build lasting relationships along the way. This is how we delivered the world's first BBJ3 (737-900 variant), 787-8 and 747-8 V-VIP aircraft, and how we look to the future with our BBJ MAX clients.”

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