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Monsson Alma upgrades to two engines with DA62
Monsson Alma needs an aircraft for two main mission types: transporting management within Romania and Europe, and filming an aviation vlog for YouTube. The Diamond DA62 has proved a good fit.
Pilot Bogdan Dragoi, social media specialist Maria Ciobanu and pilot David Stoica.
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Windmill and solar panel experts Monsson Alma of Romania has taken delivery of a Diamond DA62. The company previously had a DA40 and was looking to improve flight time and safety by upgrading to a twin engine aircraft. “We were pleased with the quality of Diamond aircraft, we've had a factory tour, we had a demo flight, we saw the manufacturing process and we decided to buy a brand new DA62,” explains pilot and business development manager Bogdan Dragoi. “Because the delivery time was around six months, we decided to go for a second hand one, and speed up the acquisition.”

The aircraft has already notched up 320 flight hours, and is performing very well so far. “It's like a new aircraft,” continues Dragoi. “It's also very easy to fly and has a very good speed/fuel consumption ratio. It exceeded our expectations. We're happy with the anti-icing system, weather radar, synthetic vision and oxygen system.”

Monsson Alma is performing two main mission types: transporting the management of the company within Romania and Europe, and filming an aviation vlog for YouTube. The latter is the first aviation vlog in Romania, meant to promote general aviation.

Dragoi adds: “The DA62 offers us good mobility for short and medium distances. We're greatly optimising stakeholders' time management and mobility. This is the only DA62 in Romania and there's no authorised CAMO and maintenance organisation in the country, so we're doing all this in Vienna. We have no option to recharge the oxygen system in our area, so we're also having a supplementary oxygen bottle in the cabin, that we can easily take out and recharge. We fill in the aircraft's oxygen system whenever we find an airport with this capability, usually in Vienna. Compared to the DA40, we have less aerodromes options in the area, because of the increased take-off distance.”

The company plans to purchase a Cessna Citation CJ3+ by the end of the year, so it can have a better option for longer distances, flying at higher speed, having a pressurised cabin and having extra confort for passengers. Monsson Alma is developing green energy solutions such as windmills and solar panels, and has a sizeable car fleet in addition to the aircraft.