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Rosen chosen to put together supersonic AS2 cabin
Aerion is assembling a lengthening list of design partners in order to bring its AS2 to market. The latest to pledge allegiance is Rosen, which is tasked with assembling a cabin management and technology system.
Powering the AS2 with synthetic fuel is the aim.

Rosen Aviation has been selected by supersonic aircraft company Aerion to develop a new cabin management and technology system (CMTS) for the AS2. Rosen joins Aerion's growing team of technical partners as progress on the AS2's development gathers pace ahead of manufacturing commencing in 2023 at Aerion Park in Melbourne, Florida. Rosen Aviation has specialised in cabin electronics for nearly 40 years. The Eugene, Oregon-based technology supplier will develop the CMTS system, software sophistication and cabin experience for the eight-10 passenger private jet.

“We are beyond thrilled to partner with a company like Aerion that is poised to revolutionise the business jet market,” says Lee Clark, senior VP strategy at Rosen. “From the very beginning, it was clear that our two organisations shared many core values and, most importantly, a vision for the future.”

“Our drive at Aerion is to make the AS2 an icon in aviation history, a leap into the future of speed and global connectivity, while also setting a new standard for luxury,” adds Tim Fagan, Aerion's head of industrial design and cabin experience. “The AS2's cabin will combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies and will emphasise the truly unique character of this supersonic aircraft. We look forward to collaborating with Rosen to create a truly immersive and intuitive cabin environment that delivers previously unseen levels of passenger-technology interface.”

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