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Bristow receives ISO 14001 and implements NavBlue
As part of its ISO 14001 certification, Bristow is committed to achieving environmental objectives, including proactive measures such as reducing aircraft emissions and decreasing the environmental impacts of ops.
The recognition underlines Bristow's commitment to continuously improving environmental stewardship and performance.
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Bristow Group's UK operations have received International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification, making it one of the first vertical lift operators in the UK to achieve the global standard. The certification confirms Bristow's UK operations have a certified environmental management system (EMS) in place to monitor, manage and deliver continuous improvement at its bases in Scotland, England and Wales.

To achieve certification, Bristow completed a rigorous seven-day audit, which demonstrated how its EMS is documented and implemented at all levels of its UK business, its commitment to manage and minimise its impact on the environment, and its commitment to reduce pollution and harm to the environment.

The certification encompasses Bristow's UK oil and gas business and Her Majesty's Coastguard bases that Bristow operates on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Under its EMS, Bristow conducts audits of its operating bases' environmental plans to ensure a consistent approach across the company.

“It's a significant milestone for Bristow to achieve this accreditation and it underlines our commitment to continuously improving on our environmental stewardship and performance,” says Matt Rhodes, director UK oil and gas at Bristow. “Our robust EMS is already achieving significant energy efficiencies, and we look forward to building on this.”

During the certification process, several criteria must be met and incorporated into the EMS. These included leadership and top management demonstrating a high level of environmental leadership and commitment, as well as ensuring that it is visible throughout the organisation.

“The environmental impact of our operations has understandably become increasingly important to us and our clients, and this certification provides assurance that we are proactively monitoring and managing our EMS and working hard to reduce and offset our environmental footprint and the crucial role we all play in protecting our environment for future generations,” adds Rhodes.

As part of its ISO 14001 certification, Bristow is committed to achieving a number of environmental objectives, including proactive measures to achieve the company's environmental and compliance obligations, such as reducing aircraft emissions and decreasing the environmental impacts of its operations. To accomplish this, Bristow uses a modern fleet with the latest technologies to ensure aircraft engines perform efficiently and are regularly maintained by an experienced engineering team.

Bristow also uses flight planning software for payload management and minimising time on ground runs. Pilot procedures also play a key role, and Bristow pilots are trained to fly at a lower torque, which burns less fuel, cuts emissions and increases component life. Bristow also uses the latest technology fuel bowsers with enhanced safety features such as automatic shut off systems, which are regularly upgraded to eliminate spillage.

Bristow is also committed to minimising other environmental impacts including emissions, preventing discharges to water and land, waste reduction and the reduction of hazardous products by removing, reducing or replacing those products with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Bristow is also actively ensuring noise levels remain as low as reasonably practicable and ensuring that the natural habitat is protected from its operations.

ISO 14001 establishes an EMS that can be used to enhance environmental performance, fulfil compliance obligations and achieve environmental objectives. The international standard ensures environmental responsibilities are managed in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. ISO 14001 helps an organisation achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental management system, which provide value for the environment, the organisation itself and interested parties.

Bristow Helicopters Limited, a NavBlue customer for more than 10 years, has also recently renewed its Charts+ and Navigation+ services. Part of the Bristow Group Inc, UK operations serve government and civil organisations including UK search and rescue (SAR) and North Sea rig transport. A fleet of approximately 50 helicopters rely on navigation data and electronic charts for planning and flight operations.

NavBlue experts support Bristow by providing a highly customised and tailored charting service, combining terminal airport charts, enroute maps, helicopter charts and oil rig platform information all in one EFB application. This service allows the pilot access to all the charting information required for their operation in a quick and intuitive manner, ensuring the most up to date charting is available as and when needed. Navigation database services for various types of flight management systems are thoroughly tailored with 350 company routes, 75 procedures and more than 3,000 tailored waypoints. The service meets very specific needs including that of flights to and from offshore rigs.

Services are updated in line with AIRAC cycle dates or on request in response to ad hoc needs and are supported by a 24/7 support team around the world.

Tim Glasspool, head of flight operations UK at Bristow Helicopters says: “NavBlue has many years of experience serving helicopter operations. It has a unique depth of data, particularly around our challenging North Sea operations.”

Thomas Lagaillarde, VP product portfolio and programmes at NavBlue said: “Bristow Helicopters is a great example of our expertise on helicopter operations. At NavBlue, we are pleased to count it as a customer for many years, and we look forward to a continued partnership.”

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