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AEG's alliance with Boeing could be ‘transformative’
AEG Fuels says it can now serve every segment from large fractionals to corporate flight departments, charter operators, airlines, aircraft management companies, heads of state, OEMs and government agencies.

AEG Fuels has established a strategic alliance with Boeing to provide its Jeppesen trip planning and additional capabilities, establishing a one-source AEG solution that offers competitive pricing and personalised flight support services.

With over 40 years of international trip planning experience, Boeing's Jeppesen capabilities integrated with AEG will now provide customers with resources, a digital platform and a vendor network, creating a comprehensive fuel and flight support offering for commercial, government and business aviation operators globally. Together, AEG with Boeing's Jeppesen tools now deliver the entire flight experience through one digital ecosystem with a focus on the customer experience.

Through this partnership, AEG is prepared to serve virtually every segment of the aviation industry from the largest fractional operators to corporate flight departments, charter operators, airlines, aircraft management companies, heads of state, militaries, OEMs and government agencies. The combined capabilities will provide single supplier convenience for fuel and ground handling services, team members with extensive regulatory and regional experience, proven and trusted systems and processes and timely, accurate and transparent estimates and invoicing.

AEG COO Chris Clementi says: “This strategic partnership to integrate Boeing's Jeppesen solutions is an exciting development in our pursuit to safely and conveniently assist our customers in navigating the complexity of today's travel environment. AEG is now positioned to offer a comprehensive solution to operators for their fuel and trip needs with a leading technology platform and emphasis on personalised service; our 24/7 team is prepared to work with customers to build and execute a plan to support operations worldwide. We are excited about 2021 and believe it will be a rather transformative year for AEG as we continue to roll out new products and initiatives in support of our customer's requirements.”

Director of Boeing's Jeppesen flight support services Mike Bishop adds: “Providing our 24x7x365 trip planning capabilities for AEG customers is perfect example of form, fit and function. Moving into 2021 with continued optimism related to recovery across aviation, we believe this partnership creates opportunity and allows both companies to focus on core expertise while also delivering new and competitive services to customers worldwide. I couldn't be more excited to join our fantastic teams, leaders and technologies in pursuit of services that help accelerate the recovery and to ensure customers achieve their most aspirational and sustained business objectives.”

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