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ACS strikes a chord with touring orchestras
Air Charter Service has extensive experience and a long tradition of working with orchestras. The lack of live musical performances since the start of the pandemic has left a big hole, but this could all be about to change.
Matthew Purton says the ACS team is ready to handle fragile instruments, everything from kettle drums to grand pianos.

Air Charter Service has already seen an increase in air charter enquiries for orchestras since October, including a number of bookings for 2021. This rise in bookings and enquiries in recent months signifies hope for the revival of live music concerts, as booking enquiries from this industry had previously dropped to zero between March and October 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partly spurred on by the news of a vaccine rollout, private air charter is also currently the only certain mode of transport between some countries. With many airlines reducing flight schedules on more 'niche' routes, particularly between smaller cities across Europe and the US, ACS has suggested that aircraft charter will be increasingly required to ensure that tours are not disrupted for this industry in 2021. This reduction in connectivity means that orchestras are already turning to private air charter in order to maintain a commercially viable concert programme this year.

Additionally, beyond the transportation of instruments and stage equipment, this expected increase can be linked to the passenger hygiene implications of private aviation. Musicians are able to travel within their own 'bubble' and can avoid busy airports with this more hygienic and secure way of getting from A to B by air charter.

ACS's increase in bookings comes at a time of progress for the live music industry, as it has been announced that concerts will be going ahead in the Northern Hemisphere next summer, with open air events and indoor restrictions gradually being lifted.

ACS group commercial jets director Matthew Purton comments: “We have extensive experience and a long tradition of working with orchestras. We are proud to help facilitate flights for the music industry by providing seamless, reliable transport with unlimited baggage for musicians. From kettledrums to grand pianos, we understand and oversee the complex loading process for fragile instruments of all sizes, as well as stage equipment.”

Air Charter Service can facilitate private jet or helicopter charter for individuals, larger commercial airliners for groups and orchestra members, dedicated cargo aircraft for equipment, on-board courier service for expensive instruments or replacement parts, as well as additional transport and hotels for music tours by ACS's travel and concierge team.

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