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Hill Helicopters HX50

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HX50 aims first for CS-27 type approval
The HX50 from Hill Helicopters looks to take a new approach to delivering and supporting safe private aircraft ownership at an affordable price. It has been designed with the ‘inexperienced or infrequent pilot’ in mind.
The HX50 has been conceived for easy ops and minimal pilot workload.

Hill Helicopters' HX50 rotorcraft is set to receive an initial EASA CS-27 type approval from the UK CAA to be operated under amateur-built/experimental category regulations. HX50 meets EASA CS-27 and FAR Part 27 certification requirements. The aircraft lists for GBP495,000 and is hoped to be available in 2023. Each unit is backed by a 5,000-hour, five-year nose-to-tail warranty with no 12-year aircraft or engine overhaul requirement.

“More than 80 per cent of light helicopters today are privately owned, yet owners still find them lacking in the features they truly desire,” says president and CEO Jason Hill. “The HX50 is designed as the ultimate personal aircraft. We have developed an innovative and safety-focused aircraft that fully meets EASA and FAA certification requirements while providing an end-to-end ownership experience.”

Recognising that private owners are often inexperienced or infrequent pilots, Hill designed the aircraft to focus on their needs: benign handling qualities, resilience to low-G conditions, good stability, high power reserves, realistic payload for the user requirements, robust crashworthiness and easy operation with minimum pilot workload.

“The HX50 was created to redefine private luxury helicopter ownership, making it desirable and financially attainable while addressing the critical need for safe ownership and operation,” continues Hill. “There is no better way to understand the absolute necessity of correct piloting, operating and vital maintenance requirements than being involved in the manufacture of your own helicopter. We believe strongly that this awareness is paramount to developing owner-operators with the knowledge, skills and technical appreciation that enable long term safe operation of their aircraft.”

Each HX50 aircraft will be assembled in a UK CAA-approved factory with careful oversight by licensed professionals.

Hill Helicopters is also certifying the HC50 version, which is intended for commercial use and is expected to be available in 2026. Its list price will be higher than that of the HX50.

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