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NetJets places sustainability front-and-centre
NetJets' Global Sustainability Program focuses on sustainable fuel, corporate responsibility and consumer participation. The company says that its size and influence mean that it must lead from the front.
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NetJets has launched its expanded Global Sustainability Program, a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of the brand and its owners. With more than 750 aircraft worldwide, NetJets says its position in the market comes with the responsibility to drive awareness and action for important issues industry-wide. As such, the brand is developing a multi-tiered programme to address sustainability and is continuing to examine all aspects of its business with environmental impact in mind.

The programme focuses on sustainable fuel, corporate responsibility and consumer participation. The operator is purchasing enough sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to account for all flights out of San Francisco, California, where the fuel supply is located, and its home base of Columbus, Ohio, in partnership with Signature Flight Support. This totals up to three million gallons of SAF produced by Neste, the largest provider of renewable jet fuel and diesel globally.

NetJets Europe already operates beyond European Union regulations to participate in the Emissions Trading System, which imposes a cap and cost on emissions but does not necessitate carbon neutrality. NetJets will offset its administrative and training flights in the US beginning in 2021, amounting to approximately 1,600 flights annually.

The NetJets Blue Skies programme encourages owners worldwide to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their flights by seamlessly purchasing the equivalent amount of carbon credits to ensure their flight activity is carbon neutral. NetJets partners with ClimateCare to offset emissions through projects that protect forests, capture and destroy landfill gas and scale up renewable energy distribution, supporting several UN Sustainable Development Goals. All projects adhere to the highest leading global verification standards. As of October 2020, NetJets owners in the US have offset 75,000 metric tons. In Europe, owners have offset over one million metric tons.

“Our promise of exceptional safety and service to owners and employees must extend to the larger global community we impact as well,” says Brad Ferrell, EVP of administrative services. “Our SAF purchase is crucial for the continued availability of the product in the market, and we're excited to help create that opportunity, as well as to announce the next phase of our Global Sustainability Program. There remains more to be done in the sustainable aviation space, and we look forward to being on the cutting-edge of those innovations and evolving this programme in our ongoing efforts to address sustainability in the air, on the ground and with our team members.”

In order to remain accountable, NetJets will track a number of metrics, including percentage decrease in carbon emissions and miles offset to carbon neutral, to share in bi-annual updates with owners, employees and the larger aviation community.

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