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Apertus MD wants to drum up UK support
Apertus Aviation wanted to make a positive difference by supporting sustainable charity organisations, through its Donate programme. It is supporting Trees For All, and is establishing a UK presence to seek more clients.
Ringo Fan understands the relationship between East and West.

After seeing a vast increase in long haul travel between Asia and Europe, Hong Kong-based Apertus Aviation has decided to establish a UK presence. The company has also entered into a partnership with Trees for All, a foundation based in the Netherlands whose mission is to plant new forests worldwide and restore existing forests.

As the firm continues to grow globally, Apertus Aviation wanted to make a positive difference by supporting sustainable charity organisations, through its Donate programme. The partnership with Trees for All will see 10 trees donated with every booking or purchase of an Apertus souvenir, as well as the ability for clients to donate directly via their website and social media platforms.

Trees for All's mission is to contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for humans and animals. Currently, the programme not only offsets carbon emissions by planting new forests worldwide and restoring existing forests, but also contributes to improving the standard of living for people in developing countries.

Managing director Ringo Fan has a personal connection to the UHNW audience in Asia, and was educated in both Hong Kong and Australia, providing an insight into the fast-paced industry and how trends in the East will be seen in the West in due course. Outlining five prominent trends being seen within the Asian UHNW community, Fan believes these themes will be seen in Europe as we move towards the end of 2020. Trends include the rise in ultra-private package holidays, the rise of one-way bookings, the rise in first time private flyers, requests for smaller aircraft, and the rise of block hour enquiries.

With a presence in Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore, Apertus sits between the client and the large fleet jet operators. The successful Eastern enterprise offers an innovative and unparalleled charter flight consultancy and management, providing a personal touch and local expertise and knowledge of local regulation, procedures and rules when operating in and out of Asia, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The regional team members on the ground utilise their strong relationship with their client base and the many suppliers around the world to add value to both the jet operator and client.

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