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Tecnam brings special mission Sentinel to market
Tecnam's P2012 Sentinel SMP can be equipped, upon the customer's request, with a quick-conversion kit that transforms it from a special mission platform to an an airline version with up to 11 seats.
Tecnam built the Sentinel to be capable and cost-effective.

Tecnam has launched the P2012 Sentinel SMP special mission platform aircraft, based on the Traveller.

Compared to the P2006T Twin SMP, the Sentinel integrates higher payloads, additional operator and observer stations and new capabilities, including approval for FIKI (flight into known icing), with increased range, endurance, cabin volume and crew space.

Tecnam initiated a dedicated programme for series electro optical sensors optimised integration with L3 Harris Wescam MX. This will improve the law-enforcement mission efficiency when performed with the P2012 Sentinel, taking advantage of its twin-engine safety and its capacity to accommodate, in addition to one Wescam MX-10, MX-15 or MX-20 turret, other mission sensors such as a SAR radar, providing the P2012 SMP with the mission capabilities normally pertaining to CS/FAR 25 platforms at a fraction of their acquisition and operating costs.

The high cabin volume and payload will allow for excellent mission performance and plenty of space for sensors installation and operators console. A Tecnam Sentinel equipped with full mission equipment, at its maximum takeoff weight of 3,680 kg, will provide up to nine hours' endurance for up to six 90kg crew members, sensor operators and observers.

The P2012 twin-engine design guarantees an exhaust-free field of view to the sensors, granting increased accuracy and low noise operations. Moreover, the hatches' positions under the fuselage ensure a carbon monoxide free cabin that will enhance the safety of the crew of one or two pilots and up to five mission operators.

Company MD Giovanni Pascale Langer says: “We are very proud to expand the special mission platform offer with a high-performance but still cost-efficient solution to the market. Here at Tecnam, we all recognise the importance of providing a high-capability platform that will allow our customers to perform aerial surveys and mapping as well as protect borders, save lives, and detect criminal operations. Our effort has been focused on the development of a system with higher-class capabilities at a fraction of their acquisition price, making such vital services accessible to those countries and operators that simply couldn't afford them before.”

Following the P2012 SMP's roll-out, Tecnam foresees increasing demand from the special mission platform market. The Sentinel's increased capabilities and superior efficiency in its role, coupled with its competitive entry price and operating costs, will allow the operator to perform the mission with results that were previously relegated to higher-class platforms and at costs that are just a fraction of those.

Tecnam has also anticipated growing demand for versatility: the P2012 Sentinel SMP can be equipped, upon the customer's request, with a quick-conversion kit that transforms it from a special mission platform to an airline version, providing up to 11 seats and the consolidated P2012 Traveller transport capabilities.

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