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Duncan makes Battle Creek design centre more inviting
The design centre at Duncan Aviation's Battle Creek facility hadn't changed substantially since the 1990s, when the facility was purchased. Now it has been brought up to speed for remote and in-person consultations.
Battle Creek features smart workspaces.

After months of renovation, Duncan Aviation has unveiled a new design centre at its Battle Creek, Michigan MRO facility. The updated design centre now has 30 per cent more space, a more efficient work area and an inviting environment for customers as they spec out designs for their aircraft paint and interior modifications.

When customers approach the entrance of the newly-remodelled design centre, they will see that it is covered by glass and features large doors. The building includes a new conference room and a sample library full of cabinets, as well as counter top space to show customers material samples. The space then extends to include separate work stations for individual designers.

The design centre hadn't changed substantially since the 1990s, when Duncan Aviation purchased the facility.

“This new space is organised and efficient, and it better captures the professionalism of the design team,” says Andy Richards, executive VP and COO of Duncan Aviation Battle Creek.

“The new configuration also makes better use of space and storage. In the past, all of the functions of our space were put together; there was no separation among the library, conference table, storage areas or designers' desks,” adds lead designer Emily Krawczak.

Now, multiple client presentations can occur simultaneously, without interruption, either in person or virtually. If in-person, the new conference room features a large TV so customers can view 3D renderings of the ideas for their aircraft.

The space also holds a table that seats 10 people, so designers and sales, paint and interior team members can meet comfortably with customers in a private area. Additionally, as the coronavirus pandemic continues, the 3D technology allows many of the teams to meet remotely with customers who prefer to make decisions from their own offices or homes.

The Duncan Aviation design team in Battle Creek has four designers and one multimedia Illustrator. The company also has full design capabilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Provo, Utah. The team in Lincoln has five designers and one multimedia Illustrator and Provo has one designer and currently utilises multimedia illustrators along with other designers from the Lincoln and Battle Creek locations.

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