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Tokyo has an eye on AW609 for Ogasawara trips
Ogasawara island lies around 1,000 km from Tokyo. Thanks to the AW609's ability to take off and land like a helicopter, with a small footprint, the aircraft is being lined up as an option to reach the popular island.
The AW609 combines the capabilities of a helicopter and a turboprop.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government intends to evaluate the AW609 multirole commercial tiltrotor's capabilities to deliver transport to Ogasawara island in the future. The characteristics of the world's first commercial tiltrotor, combining turboprop-like performance (speed, range, altitude) and rotorcraft versatility (vertical take-off/landing and hovering) could deliver a service to Ogasawara, approximately 1,000 km from Tokyo. Missions could be performed in all weather conditions and with limited infrastructural impact thanks to the AW609's helicopter-like footprint.

The AW609 is designed to provide fast point-to-point transportation at long range, to connect city centres or provide timely access to remote locations. Thanks to a 275 kts speed, a 25,000 ft altitude and 1,000 nm maximum range, the AW609's is able to fly above adverse weather in the comfort of a pressurised cabin while maintaining rotorcraft vertical take-off and landing/hovering versatility, while modern green technology ensures reduced emissions and noise. The AW609 is suited to meet a range of operational requirements in Japan such as passenger transport, EMS, SAR, surveillance, electronic newsgathering and VVIP transport.

The AW609 will be the first civil certified tiltrotor aircraft and is poised to transform private and business travel, EMS, SAR, offshore operations and patrol. The aircraft can carry up to nine passengers, flying safely above inclement weather and in known icing conditions.

The first two production AW609s are currently being assembled in Philadelphia. Leonardo says that the AW609 has drawn interest from around the world. Customers will be provided with comprehensive support and training packages primarily headquartered at the company's new training academy in Philadelphia. An advanced flight training device and the world's first AW609 full flight simulator will be available for training later this year.

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AMS AW139s will support radiological security across the US
July 19, 2024
Equipped with specialised radiation detection systems, two AW139 arrivals are a key way the NNSA will perform radiological and nuclear detection activities at large-scale special events.
Italian Navy lends support to AW609 tiltrotor programme
July 1, 2024
The demonstration trials are the latest step taken under the activities carried out by a joint working group established in 2022 including Leonardo, the Italian Navy, the Italian Army and Guardia di Finanza.
ARC's Middle East deal will deliver economic boost to UK aviation
June 14, 2024
With the pilot production of ARC's Pegasus, P9 and C600 aircraft to be carried out in the UK, wider scale manufacturing will move to Saudi Arabia. Training could take place at Cranfield University.