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ARC unveils latest risk assessment software
With the new ARC update, a risk assessment is submitted and if a medium or high-risk score is recorded, an operator has the option to begin review and approval. The submission is then pushed to supervisors for review.
Improved oversight and visibility are the goals of ARCrisk.

ARC, a provider of SMS software and sister company of AviationManuals, has released its newest risk assessment tool, which includes an augmented approval process for higher level risk assessments. The multipurpose ARCrisk module can accommodate flight, ground, maintenance, FBOs and drone ops.

This latest ARCrisk module update was developed following a request from the US Armed Forces, but being equally relevant to private aviation, is now being provided to all ARC subscribers. ARC users were also invited to participate in a rigorous beta test of the system, leading to additional refinements, which resulted in an easy to use approval flow. Existing ARCrisk clients receive the new functionality at no cost.

“This enhancement gives operators the ability to have more oversight and visibility into what is happening within their flight departments,” says ARC Safety Management CEO Mark Baier. “Now when an operator is alerted to assessments that might need further review, they can instantly interact with people performing the task and help make better decisions related to risk assessments.”

With the new update, the process begins as normal with submitting a risk assessment. If the assessment results in a medium or high-risk score, an operator has the option to begin a review and approval step. The submission is then pushed to a supervisor for review, who can decide to approve or reject it. In some cases, the approval process might end there, but for larger departments it can be further advanced up the approval chain. The requester and all individuals involved receive alerts when an assessment has been approved or rejected and the approval status appears in the status column.

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