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Colombian authorities approve MTV-14 prop
The advantages of the MTV-14 propeller series are its reduced weight compared to the original three-blade metal propellers, the reduction of vibration and increased performance because of the four-blade design.
Tecnam P2012 owners stand to gain from the MTV-14 propeller.

MT-Propeller has received validation of the EASA type certificate for the MTV-14-B and MTV-14-D four-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller models from the Colombian civil aviation authority, UAEAC.

The MTV-14 certification limits are up to 298Kw and up to 235cm diameter (92.5inches), making it, the OEM claims, the lightest four-bladed propeller available in the market with those power, rpm and diameter limits. The MTV-14 already has STC for aircraft including the Beech Baron 95, Britten Norman BN-2B, Cessna T303, Cessna 414, Cirrus SR22 and Mooney M20M. It is also the choice for OEMs on the Tecnam P2012, Extra NG and Gamebird GB1.

Its advantages, MT-Propeller says, are its reduced weight compared to the original three-blade metal propellers, the reduction of vibration due to the natural composite material of the MT-Propeller blades, the reduction of inside and outside noise and the increase of performance because of the four blade design.

The MTV-14 has bonded-on stainless steel or nickel leading edges for erosion protection of the blades and an unlimited blade life. The MTV-14 is designed as an easy to maintain, low maintenance, certified system, and more than 1,500 of the MTV-14 propeller systems are already in service worldwide. No life limited parts are installed in any MT-Propeller.

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