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Colombian authorities approve MTV-14 prop
The advantages of the MTV-14 propeller series are its reduced weight compared to the original three-blade metal propellers, the reduction of vibration and increased performance because of the four-blade design.
Tecnam P2012 owners stand to gain from the MTV-14 propeller.

MT-Propeller has received validation of the EASA type certificate for the MTV-14-B and MTV-14-D four-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller models from the Colombian civil aviation authority, UAEAC.

The MTV-14 certification limits are up to 298Kw and up to 235cm diameter (92.5inches), making it, the OEM claims, the lightest four-bladed propeller available in the market with those power, rpm and diameter limits. The MTV-14 already has STC for aircraft including the Beech Baron 95, Britten Norman BN-2B, Cessna T303, Cessna 414, Cirrus SR22 and Mooney M20M. It is also the choice for OEMs on the Tecnam P2012, Extra NG and Gamebird GB1.

Its advantages, MT-Propeller says, are its reduced weight compared to the original three-blade metal propellers, the reduction of vibration due to the natural composite material of the MT-Propeller blades, the reduction of inside and outside noise and the increase of performance because of the four blade design.

The MTV-14 has bonded-on stainless steel or nickel leading edges for erosion protection of the blades and an unlimited blade life. The MTV-14 is designed as an easy to maintain, low maintenance, certified system, and more than 1,500 of the MTV-14 propeller systems are already in service worldwide. No life limited parts are installed in any MT-Propeller.

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April 4, 2021
MT-Propeller VP Martin Albrecht says the installation of the seven-bladed MT-Propeller on the propeller turbine driven aircraft PC-12 means no engine modifications are necessary, with ground roll reduced by 10 per cent.
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March 19, 2021
MT-Propeller natural composite blades provide maximal vibration damping, are protected from erosion, have greater ground clearance, have a small diameter and a favourable TBO, and spare parts come at low cost.
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March 19, 2021
The MTV-27 Quiet Fan Jet on the ASI F406 has greater ground clearance of about eight centimetres (three inches) for less FOD and also more clearance to the fuselage, leading to less cabin noise from the prop tips.