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VistaJet brings IC2 critical care into cabin
Through VistaJet's secure onboard connection, Tempus IC2 expedites time to care for passengers experiencing medical issues during flight, allowing crew to capture diagnostic information and transmit it to MedAire.
Information from the monitor is confidentially shared with ground-based medical experts.
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VistaJet is working with partners RDT, a Philips company, and MedAire to be the first charter operator to embed Tempus IC2 monitors in its entire Global fleet, granting access to medical support anytime, anywhere. Tempus IC2 is a vital signs monitor with integrated telemedicine, designed for use in remote medical emergencies by non-medical experts.

Amid increased general safety requirements, the value of critical care is becoming more and more prominent, especially for those travelling hours away from quality medical help. Having RDT's Tempus IC2 monitors on VistaJet Global flights provides reassurance and assistance for passengers and crew on the aircraft. The monitor allows VistaJet crew to measure and transmit vital clinical data and images, alongside real-time voice and video, securely and directly to MedAire's ground-based medical team 24/7 should they become concerned about the fitness-to-fly of anyone onboard for treatment guidance and advice.

VistaJet founder and chairman Thomas Flohr says: “Our crews now have even more resources to give them and their passengers complete peace of mind with every flight. Information from the monitor is seamlessly and confidentially shared with the ground-based medical experts. It is the next best thing to having a doctor by your side and yet another example of VistaJet's investment into safety and security to protect all those who fly with us on our global infrastructure. All operators with a global programme should have this technology available onboard.”

Through VistaJet's secure onboard connection, Tempus IC2 allows crew to easily capture important diagnostic information and transmit it to MedAire's medical advisory service, MedLink, for expert assistance. The direct link to MedAire health experts and the vital signs data can contribute to the reduction of the personal risks that could be associated with misdiagnosis, avoiding unnecessary and costly medical evacuations or diversions.

Dr Paulo M Alves, MedAire global medical director, explains: “The parameters available when taking a Tempus call are essentially the same as those one would have in most emergency rooms. Tempus IC2 is invaluable when remotely managing a medical situation, because it gives MedAire's MedLink doctors the clinical-quality data needed to make a better diagnostic impression.”

MedAire can also assist the ill passenger with obtaining further medical care or prescription medications at the aircraft's final destination. Should the passengers need treatment not available on board, VistaJet's operations team will be able to change the flight path or destination based on information from MedAire on suitably equipped and vetted hospitals and the nearest airport to them.

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