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Nesterov orchestrates PC-12 work despite pandemic
Nesterov offers after sales services from its Pilatus service centre in Dobrograd. Since opening in 2018 the volume of services has increased five-fold. From the beginning of March it has worked on six PC-12s.

For Nesterov Aviation, the coronavirus outbreak was not a reason to stop operations. Despite the difficulties, it reports that all operations planned at the beginning of the year have gone according to plan.

Recently, the company shared the story of a successful delivery of PC-12 NG to a Russian client amid the pandemic. This delivery was a unique case, and faced a number of obstacles. The aircraft is now registered in Russia and has customs clearance. It is currently undergoing the procedure for obtaining a certificate of airworthiness.
From day one, Nesterov has been carrying out maintenance care, including storage for this aircraft and maintaining airworthiness, and providing the required amount of fuel, lubricants and navigation databases. Very soon the new PC-12 NG will fly to its home base at one of the regional airports and our service centre will continue further operations.

Nesterov offers a full range of after sales services from its authorised Pilatus service centre in Dobrograd. Since its opening in 2018, the volume of services has increased fivefold. From the beginning of March 2020, the service centre performed work on six PC-12s of various modifications, and by the end of this year more than 10 maintenance operations are planned.

“Due to the long-term flight program of PC-12 NG, owned by one of our Russian customers, it was decided not to interrupt the flight cycle and not to return the aircraft to its base, but to carry out scheduled maintenance care by sending the engineers from the Russian service centre to Italy. The work was completed in the shortest possible time. After maintenance, the aircraft continued its scheduled route,” explains Dmitry Sokolov, deputy general director for Nesterov's after-sales services division.

At the request by BySky, the Belarusian business aviation operator, Nesterov's engineers left for the temporary location of the aircraft at Sheremetyevo airport and carried out all the necessary work there.

Sokolov continues: “By all means, the quarantine made some minor adjustments to our team’s work routine. This mainly affected the movement of engineers from Moscow to Dobrograd and from Moscow to Sheremetyevo Airport, but this problem was resolved in a short time: one of our partners provided a comfortable minivan specifically for the needs of our engineers, and the efficiency of work remains at a high level.

“We take the safety of our employees very seriously, and during the coronavirus outbreak permanent passes were issued for all engineers of the service centre, special face masks, gloves and antiseptics were provided. Moreover, all engineers maintain social distance while at the workplace.

“Just like Pilatus Aircraft, we are proud of our customer service level, the support of Pilatus owners under any circumstances is our common priority.”

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