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GHS overcomes COVID doubts to secure Nigerian contract
Despite coronavirus concerns, Global Helicopter Service has extended its contract in Nigeria with a Bell 412. CEO Dominik Goldfuss is delighted at the way the team has pulled together.
Despite tough times worldwide, GHS has secured another contract in Nigeria.
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Global Helicopter Service (GHS), a German provider of commercial helicopter services for humanitarian aid organisations, governmental projects and the oil and gas and mining industries, has won a further two-year contract in Maiduguri, Nigeria with its Bell 412EP, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The contract was renewed with a humanitarian aid operation for the transportation of NGO passengers and freight and emergency medical evacuation to and from remote destinations.

“This achievement optimises the saying 'when the going gets tough the tough get going' and I am proud to say that all staff members and crew in Maiduguri have lived up to this motto,” says Dominik Goldfuss, GHS CEO. “Congratulations to our entire team; we are proud of all of you and your effort, which has made this happen, and we want to thank everyone who supports us and our mission.”

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GHS entrusts entrol with Bell 412 FTD manufacture
November 10, 2022
entrol will manufacture the simulator in 2023 for delivery to GHS headquarters in Germany in early 2024. Equipped with entrol's latest technology, it will increase the training capabilities GHS offers.