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RBI pioneers strip replacement on AW139 main rotor
RBI Hawker is committed to delivering excellence in rotor blade repairs, and is the first to receive approval from Leonardo for an AW139 abrasion strip replacement.
The abrasion strip replacement on the AW139 is an industry first.

RBI Hawker recently received OEM approval for completing the industry's first leading edge abrasion strip replacement on the Leonardo AW139 main rotor blade at its facility in Dubai. The company is the only OEM authorised repair facility to offer this critical repair.

RBI Hawker supports Leonardo customers across the complete range of A109/119 series and AW139 helicopters. With this new capability, the company expands its service offering in Dubai to include replacement of leading edge abrasion strips on Leonardo AW139 main rotor blades.

“This industry milestone has several years of strategic planning behind it and speaks volumes for the RBI Hawker team's skill, commitment and dedication,” says Mike Conomos, general manager of operations, RBI Hawker Dubai. “I could not be prouder of the team for their collective efforts. We worked very closely with the OEM to develop and integrate new methods and technologies in this project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank it for its ongoing support. We look forward to working with it in future such projects for years to come.”

RBI Hawker is committed to delivering 'excellence in rotor blade repairs,' and has an extensive commercial and military helicopter customer network in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. To ensure it can support its customers' needs for safe, cost-effective and fast helicopter redeployment, the company continually strives to expand its capabilities with the support of the OEMs, while further exploring opportunities to increase its capacity across a growing geographical footprint.

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