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Radio and GPS transmitters boost testing capabilities
Results from the latest upgrades to T-RX testers can be retrieved as a PDF report for incorporation directly into customer work orders. A boon for busy aircraft maintenance folk.

CCX Technologies is adding GPS Signal Generator and VDL Mode 2 capabilities to its T-RX Avionics Radio and Pulse Testers (T-RX). The new capabilities are being developed in response to user requests.

Chris Bartlett, CCX Technologies president, explained the importance of the new tests for maintenance teams and the company. “Since we launched the T-RX just a year ago, the positive response we've received from maintainers is incredibly gratifying. We want the T-RX to be a highly valued tool in the shop by ensuring new testing capabilities are easily accessible without having to purchase another new piece of hardware. The addition of these two new capabilities fulfils that requirement because new tests and upgrades are easily done online through a simple licence key.”

The two new tests are important additions to the already capable T-RX testing line-up. The GPS Signal Generator allows avionics technicians and maintainers to generate GPS signals with a specified position and track. This is fundamental considering aircraft dependence on GPS navigational radios. The VDL (VHF Digital Link) Mode 2 capability will test both receiving and transmitting functions of the critical radio that facilitates communication between aircraft and ground stations. It's an essential capability because VDL Mode 2 is the only mode being implemented to support CPDLC (Cockpit Controller Data Link) in non-Oceanic airspace.

“With mandates fast approaching and operators expecting the highest standards of aircraft maintenance, we are optimistic that maintainers and techs will appreciate the ease with which they can add these new tests to their T-RX,” continued Bartlett. “Several users have told us that being able to do the majority of their avionics radio testing with a single device will help save them time and effort.”

The T-RX Avionics Radio tester family of products comprise small, lightweight touch screen tablets used to check the majority of avionic radio systems and perform more than 100 different tests. Standalone, easy to use, portable, and rugged, they replace legacy testers with a single, compact unit. The family of products includes the T-RX Radio, T-RX Pulse and T-RX RP+ testers. They are built for the requirements of today’s modern maintenance shop, collecting data during testing and storing it on a secure server. The data can be identified by aircraft tail number, work order, and technician, and retrieved as a PDF report for incorporation directly into customer work orders. T-RX Radio and Pulse Testers are easy to upgrade, future-ready and will support new radio test requirements as new radios and standards emerge. T-RX streamlines testing, saving time and giving maintenance managers the confidence that testing is done right, first time, every time.

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