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Huey engine upgrade taken forward by Trinity
Taking the first major step to modernise Bell medium legacy aircraft, Trinity Aviation Group has invested in acquiring the STC to install P&W PT6C-67D engines.
Trinity's UH-1H FAA STC certifies the installation of the P&W PT6C-67D engine into the UH-1H Huey helicopter.

British Columbia, Canada-based Trinity Aviation Group has acquired the STC to install the new, in production Pratt & Whiney PT6C-67D engine into the UH-1H (Huey) platform. The upgrade is known as the Huey Talon, and according to Trinity brings new life to the Huey, offering what is fundamentally a new aircraft.

The Trinity Aviation Group is focused on upgrading and modernising the Bell medium legacy aircraft. “We feel these amazing aircraft are here to stay, they are well known, forgiving, maintenance friendly and, with the proper TLC, will keep on providing us with a cost-effective workhorse for many years to come,” says general manager Warren Malmberg. “The heart of any aircraft is its powerplant, and if we want to increase the longevity of these remarkable workhorses, the 1960s era T53 engines must be upgraded to modern standards.”

The PT6C-67 series engine is utilised in many other aircraft and has a proven history of exceptional reliability, fuel economy and low maintenance requirements. Trinity manufactures the new fairings, cowlings and kitting hardware included in the upgrade. The Huey Talon is certified under STC# SR0949492 and can be accomplished in a 30 day period at the customer's facility, on its own or in conjunction with other maintenance or modifications.

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