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Gestair sees green lights for Atlantic and London City
Gestair has received approval from AESA for the new North Atlantic High Level Airspace operations, as well as the green light to operate without restrictions at London City airport.

On 1 February this year, phase 2C of the Data Link Mandate, formerly MNPS operational approval, came into force, by which all manuals and procedures of operators and users of the North Atlantic High Level Airspace must be adapted to the new navigation, communication and surveillance requirements of flights in order to be able to fly in this airspace. Madrid-headquartered Gestair has now received authorisation from AESA, the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency, to operate its fleet in the North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA).

The company has also gained approval to operate at London City airport. For more than two years it has been working with the UK and Spanish authorities to obtain the permit; it had to comply with conditions such as having a steep approach supplement with a higher glideslope angle than the standard for all approved aircraft, and carry out specific training for its crew. The approval covers operation of the following aircraft: Global 6000; Falcon 2000 Classic, 2000S and 2000 LX EASy II; Cessna Citation Sovereign, XLS+ and Latitude; Hawker 400XP; and the Piaggio Avanti II.

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