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STAT MedEvac supports breakthrough in medical data transfer
The ability for clinicians to analyse data before a critical patient reaches hospital can be the difference between life and death. Data tests supported by STAT MedEvac show this is now possible in flight, en route.
The first-ever transfer of patient medical data through inflight cellular and satellite connectivity will pave the way for revolutionary new capabilities within the EMS industry.

US air medical transport operator STAT MedEvac has been helping SkyTrace with inflight data testing, and has achieved the first ever transfer of patient medical data through inflight cellular and satellite connectivity. Using the X Series monitor/defibrillator from Zoll Medical Corporation, medical data can now be transferred through both cellular and satellite connections with SkyTrac's DAL-200 and ISAT- 200A avionics system while the aircraft is en route to hospitals.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine assistant professor and STAT MedEvac assistant medical director Leonard Weiss MD sees immediate real-world implications deriving from this potential breakthrough: “Transfer of care of critically ill patients is one of the riskiest phases of care, where up to 20 per cent of patients in the US may experience a harmful event. Current emergency and 911 communication systems are limited, utilising archaic technology. Our work will be critical to developing future systems that allow early and robust coordination of care and alert waiting medical and surgical teams of inbound patients.”

Engineers at SkyTrac were able to successfully configure a Zoll X Series device to connect to an onboard wi-f- network enabled by the DAL-200. When cellular connectivity was available, the DAL-200 acted as a wi-fi/cellular bridge that allowed the Zoll X Series to connect to its own servers. When cellular connectivity was unavailable, as is the case for most remote EMS missions, the DAL-200 enabled a redirection request to the ISAT-200A that encrypted and transmitted medical data through the Iridium satellite network to SkyTrac, where it was then forwarded to Zoll's secure medical servers. Thus healthcare practitioners can access 12-lead reports before patients arrive in the emergency room.

“We've just proved that AI and big data aren't the only ways to revolutionise the healthcare industry,” adds SkyTrac vice president, sales Jan van der Heul. “We've successfully implemented a highly sought after feature in collaboration with UPMC, STAT MedEvac and Zoll, and are excited to introduce this technology to the market.”

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