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Clay Lacy Aviation

Clay Lacy Aviation

Clay Lacy Aviation
FBO/Handler (Van Nuys)

Emissions Reduction

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Sustainability is key to Clay Lacy energy engagement
In search of a strategy to reduce its carbon footprint, Clay Lacy has taken on the services of a conventional and renewable power supplier to advise on its buildings and to enable clients to purchase carbon credits.
Clay Lacy is hoping to be one of the first US FBOs to offer Gold Standard carbon offsets bundled with fuel purchases at Van Nuys.

Clay Lacy Aviation has engaged World Kinect Energy Services, a subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corporation, to assist in developing a comprehensive sustainability programme with the goal of significantly reducing the company's carbon footprint. The multifaceted programme will attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of Clay Lacy facilities, as well as offering its clients a simpler way to purchase carbon credits to offset their flying activity.

“Operating safely and responsibly, while continually adding value for our clients, is at the core of our business philosophy,” says president and CEO Brian Kirkdoffer. “Reducing our carbon footprint and offering clients an easy, verifiable way to operate their aircraft sustainably is simply the right thing to do. We see this programme as an important step toward making business aviation sustainable and helping our industry achieve its climate objectives.”

Upon completion of a comprehensive facility assessment and interviews with key personnel, World Kinect Energy Services will assist Clay Lacy in creating a sustainability programme with energy reduction targets and milestones. Initial projects may include installing a solar array, eliminating single-use plastics, transitioning ground equipment from diesel to electric and upgrading to LED lighting. Future initiatives may include provisioning for electric and alternative fuel aircraft, installation of additional electric vehicle charging stations and providing sustainable jet fuel as supply becomes available.

Clay Lacy expects to be one of the first FBOs in the United States to offer Gold Standard carbon offsets bundled with fuel purchases at its Van Nuys airport FBO. World Kinect Energy Services, itself and through its affiliates, will offer carbon offsets to Clay Lacy Aviation, while the FBO intends to make carbon offsets available to jet charter and management customers on an individual flight or aggregate basis.

Clay Lacy Aviation has a proven history of being a leader and trend setter,” adds World Kinect Energy Services senior vice president Paul Vian. “We are delighted to be partnering with it to develop this innovative, multi-dimensional programme that may serve as a viable model for other business aviation companies to follow.”

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