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MT's DA-42 propellers are certified by EASA
MT-Propeller VP Martin Albrecht says that advantages of the three-blade MTV-6 installation on the Diamond DA-42 include best vibration damping characteristics, no engine mods required and better climb performance.
The natural composite blades have no life limitation.

MT-Propeller has received an EASA STC for the installation of the new scimitar design three-blade hydraulically actuated constant speed MTV-6 propeller on the Diamond DA-42 series aircraft powered by Technify TAE 125-01, TAE 125-02-99, TAE 125-02-114 or Austro 4E-B engines. The FAA STC is in progress.

MT-Propeller vice president Martin Albrecht says that advantages of the installation include best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operations, no engine modifications required, ground roll and takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle is reduced by approximately 40 m (131 ft). climb performance improved by 10 per cent and very smooth cruising with two to three kts more speed.

The MT-Propeller natural composite blades have no life limitation and are repairable in case of an FOD incident.

MT-Propeller produces 30 propeller models from two-blade to seven-blade hydraulically controlled variable pitch propellers for engines producing up to 5,000hp, and two-blade to four-blade electrically controlled variable pitch propellers for engines producing up to 350hp as well as two blade fixed pitch propellers.

The high performance, light weight and durable propellers can be used on aircraft with piston engines and propeller turbines, as well as on airships, wind tunnels or hovercraft. MT-Propellers can be developed for nearly every aircraft type from motor gliders to regional airliners.

The company is the holder of over 220 STCs worldwide and the OEM supplier for more than 90 per cent of the European aircraft industry as well as 30 per cent of the US aircraft industry. More than 25,000 propeller systems with over 75,000 blades are in service. 150 million fleet hours have been performed since the first MT-Propeller was shipped 37 years ago.

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MT-Propeller is good to change out Meridian engine
April 19, 2024
Replacing the powerplant of a Piper Meridian with a PT6A-135A engine gives greater efficiency plus a reduction in maintenance costs and noise. MT-Propeller now holds an EASA STC for the installation.
PC-12 Silent 7 propeller makes good on take off performance
March 11, 2024
The Silent 7 propeller is EASA and FAA certified for improved take off performance of Pilatus PC-12, PC-12/45, PC-12/47 and PC-12/47E aircraft.
Lufthansa Aviation Training takes on three DA42-VI trainers
February 12, 2024
The DA42-VI is an excellent multi-engine training platform, popular at many leading flight schools, that burns up to half as much fuel as conventional AvGas-powered aircraft and is exceptionally silent.