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Asset Insight eValues adds comparable aircraft values
When you buy a house, you can find out how much similar properties are worth. Now this type of insight, in the form of hours, cycles and estimated value of comparable aircraft, is available from Asset Insight eValue.
Tony Kioussis aims to increase transparency in business aircraft purchasing.

In the third of a planned series of releases building up to an unannounced, and heralded as industry-changing, platform Asset Insight has advised that its eValues system subscription now displays a list of the comparable aircraft used to derive the value for a client's chosen aircraft. Until now, this information has only been available when conducting an aircraft appraisal, and at a substantially higher cost.

“This new level of detail, in addition to our free services, is our way of continuing to bring transparency and standardisation to the business aviation industry, as well as expanding information available to the Asset Insight eValues community,” says president Tony Kioussis. “When one buys or sells a house or car, comparable values are a standard part of a buyer's or seller's analysis. Now, it can also be part of every buyer's and seller's business aircraft decision making, using data readily available on eValues.”

Subscribers may obtain this information (once they have run an aircraft) by clicking on the “Edit Assumptions” link. A window will open to display the assumptions used to calculate all of the value and marketability information. Clicking on the “Comparables” tab will list the comparable aircraft used by the eValues system. Comparable data provided does not include any competing aircraft's serial number so as to maintain the owner's confidentiality and privacy. Information provided does include hours, cycles and the competitive aircraft's estimated current value based on its actual transaction price.

For example, a member of the eValues community who is researching a 1999 Bombardier Global Express would also see that there are six other aircraft that would compete in the marketplace, and the comparables that apply to the aircraft they are analysing may include different make/model assets.

Users can access eValues online from their computer or mobile device, and subscribers can choose between free and paid plans that track all covered aircraft.

Asset Insight provides a broad spectrum of machinery and equipment valuation services. The company has been involved in thousands of aircraft appraisals, from light single engine to heavy airline transport aircraft, and also provides aircraft maintenance evaluation and asset financial optimisation services. Its proprietary 'Asset Grading System Process' and related analytics offer clients the ability to translate any asset's maintenance condition into easy-to-understand, actionable financial information.

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