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IADA to test sales brokers for certification
Aircraft sales brokers handle transactions worth billions of dollars. IADA has established an industry standard for professional ethics and transparency and will carry out testing for certification at its autumn meeting.
Wayne Starling tells how IADA's exclusive search portal handled $1.6 billion in sales in its first seven months.

Approximately 50 aircraft sales brokers will be tested for professional certification by the International Aircraft Dealers Association at the organisation's autumn meeting, to be held just prior to the upcoming 2019 NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas.

Those individual aircraft brokers who pass the rigorous testing protocol will join a group of 35 transaction brokers who passed the examination earlier this year. IADA, which also recently moved towards full professional accreditation for aircraft dealer organisations, expects a small group of additional aircraft dealers to join the 38 currently accredited dealers as IADA establishes an industry standard for professional ethics and transparency in aircraft transactions.

The newly certified IADA aircraft brokers, all working for IADA-accredited dealer organisations, exemplify the most experienced and highly skilled professional consultants who are available to represent both buyers and sellers of business aircraft. The rigorous certification programme for brokers was developed and managed by Joseph Allan Aviation Consulting, which also developed accreditation standards for aircraft dealers.

“With their new IADA certifications, the skilled brokers who pass these upcoming tests in late October will embody the very best qualities and transparency expected of professionals who can be trusted with handling aircraft transactions worth millions of dollars,” says executive director Wayne Starling. “Both buyers and sellers of aircraft can rest assured they are dealing with the most competent experts available in our industry.”

The broker examination measures skills and competencies required of aircraft brokers in order to effectively execute their work. The Joseph Allan consulting firm has considerable experience in curriculum development as well as the development and management of examinations measuring knowledge-based competencies.

IADA's dealer organisations and individual brokers do business in more than 100 countries. They utilise online marketplace, that lists only aircraft offered exclusively for sale or lease by members.

All members agree to participate in a programme of ongoing education to remain current on best practices and new developments in acquiring and selling business aircraft and abide by a strict code of ethics and transparency. IADA represents a variety of IADA-verified product and aviation services that also operate with the highest professional standards in the industry.

IADA is a professional trade association formed more than 25 years ago, promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry. It now offers the world's only accreditation programme for dealer organisations and the only certification programme for individual brokers. The process delivers high standards of ethical business and transparency regarding aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace.

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