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Apollo takes on first European Trekker
A privately-owned Leonardo AW109 Trekker VIP aircraft will be operated by Apollo and is available for VIP charter. UK and Ireland distributor Sloane Helicopters contributed to a smooth delivery.
The first Leonardo AW109 VIP Trekker for Europe made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show.
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Apollo Air Services in the UK has taken delivery of Europe’s first Leonardo AW109 VIP Trekker, following the type’s recent debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. After the show, the VIP Trekker flew to the UK for delivery thanks to Sloane Helicopters, Leonardo’s distributor for over 20 years in the UK and Ireland. The privately-owned aircraft will be operated by Apollo and is available for VIP charter.

The AW109 Trekker is the newest model in Leonardo’s light twin engine helicopter range. It joins a fleet of Leonardo VIP helicopters that lead the UK and Irish market: almost 100 aircraft with nearly 90 per cent represented by the AW109 series (Power, Grand and GrandNew). This market is second only to Brazil where around 130 Leonardo VIP helicopters fly among the Sao Paolo helipads.

The helicopter manufacturer and the Italian style of its VIP helicopter designs are embraced around the world, boasting a 44 per cent global share in the twin engine VIP helicopter market. The company’s fleet of 2,300 civil helicopters is used for law enforcement, offshore transport, utilities, SAR and VIP/corporate transport. More than 830 aircraft carry out a range of passenger transport missions including private, charter, scheduled flights, corporate, air taxi, tourism and VVIP.

Sloane Helicopters will be maintaining two AW109 Trekkers in the UK. Building on the qualities that have made the AW109 series the benchmark helicopters in its category, Sloane will be performing demonstration flights with the new Leonardo light twin inviting operators to learn more about its unique characteristics.

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