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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022
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RoadRunner given Brazilian nod of approval
The RoadRunner EFI is a drop-in replacement for A109/A119 helicopters and is a way to upgrade from existing attitude director and horizontal situational indicator to a modern electronic flight instrument system.

Astronautics Corporation of America's AFI4700 RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) has received STC for A109/119 helicopters from ANAC, Brazil's civil aviation authority.

“STC approval from ANAC allows A109/119 operators in Brazil to realise the cost, ease, and safety benefits of Astronautics' RoadRunner when upgrading to modern electronic flight instrument systems on their helicopter fleets,” states Astronautics president Chad Cundiff.

The RoadRunner EFI is an easy and cost-effective drop-in replacement for the existing A109/119 helicopters and is the fastest way to upgrade from existing attitude director and horizontal situational indicator functionality to a modern electronic flight instrument system, enabling enhanced safety features.

The EFI provides operators readability in all lighting conditions, enablement of modern navigation and approach capability, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and minimal downtime for installation. The unit is easily upgradeable with new software functionality tailorable to customer needs and mission requirements.

RoadRunner EFI received FAA STC for these platforms on June 12 and EASA STC on July 19. The Astronautics' authorised dealer network sells and services the RoadRunner EFI.

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C&L Engine Solutions makes bulk CF34 purchase
May 15, 2022
C&L has bought fourteen CF34-3B1 engines with which it can facilitate whole engine exchanges and help operators manage costs.
Orders and deliveries confirm Leonardo's market position
April 17, 2022
Universal and Trimec deliver Falcon 2000/EX flight deck upgrades
April 1, 2022
Replacing existing flight deck displays with InSight is an economical and sustainable initiative that extends the service life of both the flight deck and the aircraft while enhancing capabilities to meet airspace compliance.
DAC receives STC for TS-60 emergency power supply
April 1, 2022
This latest STC adds to the long list that DAC uses to provide its customers with the best products for their aircraft. This one covers multiple airframe types and over 2,000 aircraft could benefit from this upgrade.