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AviationManuals rolls out FBO product
For FBOs that do not have the resources to research, write and maintain manuals themselves, AviationManuals' latest offering could be just the ticket. Upping professionalism, standards and safety is the aim.

AviationManuals is extending its portfolio with a new FBO Manual, designed to help managers and staff improve the professionalism, standards and safety of their FBO operations.

“For over 20 years we have been a convenient and effective resource for helping aircraft operators improve their operations through the development of high-quality manuals. We are now channeling that extensive experience for FBOs,” says CEO Mark Baier. “We will make things easy for FBOs that simply do not have the resources to research, write, and maintain manuals themselves.”

Key operational requirements covered by the FBO Manual include internal policies and procedures, safety management system, environmental and occupational health/safety guidance, facility operations, ramp operations, emergency operations, training requirements, ground support equipment maintenance control procedures and security procedures.

“Our FBO Manual is particularly helpful for operations with multiple bases and/or multiple shifts,” Baier continues. “The manual can help standardise FBO operations so that customers receive the same experience no matter who is on duty or what location they fly in or out of. For small to mid-sized companies, our FBO Manual can help with everything from procedural standardisation to the onboarding of new employees.”

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