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Super Puma number 1,000 goes to Bundespolizei
The Super Puma, now in the form of the H215 and H225, is operated by nearly 100 customers in 59 countries. A recent delivery completes the Bundespolizei's order for four H215s.
Airbus has delivered the 1,000th Super Puma helicopter.

The German Federal Police (Bundespolizei) has taken delivery of Airbus Helicopters' 1,000th Super Puma helicopter: a twin-engine multi-role H215 assembled in Marignane, France. The aircraft will support the German Havarie Command, which manages maritime emergencies off of Germany's coast.

This delivery completes the Bundespolizei's order for four H215s, the first three of which were delivered in December 2018, and increases its Super Puma fleet to 23, including 19 AS332 L1s. This makes the police force one of the largest operators of Super Pumas in the world today.

“The Super Puma family of civil and military helicopters has consistently performed well thanks to its ability to appeal to many different mission segments, whether you're fighting fires, building power lines, transporting troops or saving lives in extreme environments,” says Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even. “Thanks to our close partnerships with long-standing customers like the Bundespolizei, whom we are honoured will operate our 1000th Super Puma, we are able to continuously improve so that this important product continues to meet the evolving market needs for decades to come.”

The Super Puma is now operated by nearly 100 customers in 59 countries. The family is composed of the H215 and H225 for the civil market, produced by Airbus Helicopters for law enforcement, aerial work, SAR, offshore transport and governmental missions.

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First HCare Classics contract will support legacy HeliDax fleet
September 12, 2022
HeliDax operates a fleet of 32 legacy H120s, and taking up an HCare Classics contract secures its supply chain and replaces its acquisition of safety stocks from the manufacturer until 2030.
Build of CityAirbus NextGen test centre is under way
August 16, 2022
The hangar will integrate high-voltage equipment and lithium batteries, and all tests of the electric motors plus flight control and avionics systems needed before CityAirbus NextGen’s maiden flight can be carried out there.
Airbus develops AAM solutions with Munich airport
June 29, 2022
Airbus and Munich airport are actively building working ecosystems with AAM partners. Their MoI signals the start of their marketing solutions to cities and regions around the world.